World Class Personal Training

Personal trainers at Jean-Robert's Gym are dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals. They are active in each of your work out sessions, providing motivation, support and unparalleled professional instruction. Our personal trainers are held to the highest standards and are kept at the cutting edge with ongoing training. The best part is that you can access the knowledge and experience of your world-class trainer at any time. We can even provide you with a dedicated personal trainer to accompany you on your next extended vacation or business trip. Your personal trainer will provide you with daily exercise, nutritional and lifestyle guidance according to your schedule. He or she will also utilize local surroundings to provide a variety of cardiovascular and muscle building workouts.

Our Top Personal Trainers:

Jean-Robert Barbette

"One of America's All-Star trainers" - Vogue

In 1990 Jean-Robert founded Jean-Robert's Gym in Aspen, Colorado as a way to provide athletes of every level the most professional, comfortable and effective ways to increase endurance, strength and cardiovascular performance. With over 30 years and 75,000 hours of training experience, professional athletes and celebrities alike have trusted Jean-Robert to help them reach their pinnacle health.

Bernadette Lofton

Certified Trainer, ISSA + Piyo Live + BUTI Yoga + Mat Pilates, ASFSA + Certified Group Fitness Instructor, ASFSA + Certified BootyBarre Instructor + Certified Spinning Instructor, Mad Dog + Liquid Motion Certified Instructor + Certified P90X Instructor + BUTI Bands + Liquid Motion #2 + Liquid Motion Heels + Liquid Motion Pole certified

Bernadette has been a top trainer at Jean-Robert's Gym since 2000. She specializes in training the whole body, focusing on posture balance core and functional movements. She is a champion of the importance of training workouts to build an essential foundation of fitness for optimal performance, injury prevention and overall health. With clients of all ages and physical abilities, Bernadette is known for her innovative workouts that match the person she is training.

Britny Ferguson

Certified Trainer, ISSA + Corrective Exercises Therapy, ACE + Strength and Condition, ISSA + Youth Exercise Therapy NASM + Colorado State Licensed + Certified Massage Therapist

Britny moved to Aspen, CO in 2005 and started working at Jean-Robert’s Gym in 2011, as a front desk employee. With almost 5 years of training with Jean-Robert, she realized the passion for fitness she had and got certified as a Personal Trainer. Britny specializes in form, posture, strength and conditioning, aerobics and interval training. Taking on the challenge to train any body, of any age, to reach their physical fitness peak, rehabilitate, or to reach a personal goal. Britny has a natural love for the outdoors. She takes on the season with hikes, bikes, trail runs, snowboards, snowshoes, etc...

Mina Arsic

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Mina was born and raised in Serbia, where she finished faculty of sport and physical education. She has been part of Jean-Robert’s team since 2016 as a personal trainer. Mina was an active track and field athlete for 12 years in the 100 meter hurdles and triple jump disciplines. In addition to competing and teaching track and field, she has specialized in injury prevention exercises with a variety of athletes. She is a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

Matt Hirsch

Certified Trainer, ACE

Matt  is an ACE certified personal trainer who grew up in Aspen and was a multi sport competitive athlete but was unable to continue after multiple traumatic head injuries. Despite being unable to continue to compete, the enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, and overall well being only grew from there. The journey back to health instilled an empathy for everyone’s journey and how to move from stagnant energy to optimal health.

In 2012, he made the move from Aspen to the city to attend Metropolitan State University of Denver. While in Denver, he made several connections with pro athletes and elite level trainers. After working closely with several trainers and athletes, it was clear that Matt would remain on the path to help others with optimizing health and well being. The drive of constantly learning and finding ways to help maximize others health and well being has become his number one focus and gives him true meaning through life’s journey.

In 2018, Matt decided to move back home to Aspen to join Jean-Robert’s team and also remain active in skiing, biking, hiking, etc. Matt is extremely excited to share his passion and years of studying nutrition, fitness, body mechanics, and proper recovery.

Taylor Greene Adamovich

Certified Trainer, ISSA and ACE

Taylor moved to Aspen, CO in 2018 from his hometown of Eagle River, located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. Taylor joined the US Navy in 2012 and served for five years as a Corpsmen and a Culinary Specialist. It was a great way to begin his journey and he was able to see many parts of the world and meet people from all walks of life. It was here where he developed his love for fitness. Completing the many hours of training and overcoming all of the challenges he faced, he saw the importance of both physical and mental health. He now holds two personal training certifications from ACE and ISSA. He is excited to join Jean-Robert's Gym and offer knowledge of his military style training to all clients of any fitness level. He loves to help people discover the benefits of fitness, not only the physical, but also what a healthy lifestyle does for your mind and overall well being! Taylor was always involved in outdoor activities and competed in multiple sports growing up. Relocating to Aspen he has rediscovered his love for the outdoors and spends his free time skiing, hiking, and biking.

Allie Johnson

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Allie started working at the Jean Robert gym in 2022, she is a ISSA certified personal trainer, she was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has a passion for health and fitness and spends most of her time in the gym. She is very kind hearted and thrives to help other people become the best they can be both physical and mental. Allie has spent her life growing up in this beautiful valley and spent most of her childhood in the outdoors. She has a very creative and positive personality.

Sidney Barill

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Born in 2008, a student at Basalt High School, Sidney is probably one of the youngest group fitness instructors in the nation. Starting off as a front desk employee in 2022, Sidney has been certified in group fitness and is taking her work in the gym a step further. She has been working out since the age of 13 and has developed an unconditional love for fitness and a strong desire to reach her fitness goals. She primarily focuses on younger people, (teens and tweens), and helps to educate and support the younger generation in the gym. Her bubbly and enthusiastic personality helps her to excel in a group fitness setting and helps push her students to their full potential. She currently teaches “Sidney’s boot camp for teens” at our Willits location, and is using her experience and knowledge to shed light on teens and help them to develop a life skill and habit of going to the gym.

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