Group Fitness Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

(Classes subject to change - see schedule for latest information)

We offer many different disciplines of group fitness. Whether you are looking for cardio, strength building, increased flexibility, or some combination, we have got the class for you. Our instructors provide a challenging but supportive environment for you to reach your fitness goals. We know that staying motivated is the key to staying fit, so we make sure to always keep the classes interesting.

Body Shred

Define your muscles and provides optimal conditioning for peak performance.

Cardio Sculpt - Full Body / Upper Body

Get in great shape with this fat burning workout that tones you to perfection.

Full Body Circuit Training

The right blend of strength building and endurance to keep you moving, trim and fit. Great for burning calories and cross training for a wide variety of sports.

Full Body Sculpt

A full-body weight-lifting workout by performing a variety of exercises that will challenge your body and improve your strength.

G Bootcamp

A HIIT class designed for the athlete in all of us. Trains you to enjoy better fitness while improving your speed agility and power.

Ski Conditioning

Need a mid-season body tune-up? This class is for you. Ski fitness combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises with circuits and plyometrics to strengthen your entire body. This intense 60 minute class will get your heart rate-up, maximize your calories burned and sculpt your body for effortless on-slope fun! Ski conditioning is vital for injury prevention, endurance, flexibility and quick reflexes. Our classes prepare your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, core and your cardiovascular fitness so that you can perform at your peak. Everyone knows the feeling of the burn towards the end of the day and how it limits your skiing. You may have even said to yourself, "I have got to get in better shape." This class will get you there.

Suspension Training

Push Pull and Suspend your way to a better body with TRX. This is an intense total body Circuit training class. that is a mix of aerobics and TRX.

30-Minute Abs

Strengthen and tone those abdominal muscles with 30 minutes of total core conditioning that combines a variety of core exercises designed to sculpt your stomach.

Note: not all classes are currently active depending on the season and trainer availability.

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