Fighting The Flab In Aspen

Middle-aged Aspen bodies in search of more slender lines are queuing up to sweat it out one-on-one with Jean- Robert Barbette. In his mirror and brick-lined,chrome-adorned gym, this Belgian-born trainer designs personal fitness programs to beef up the muscles needed for skiing (or sports of another flavor). 

Jean-Robert's average client is age 50, so programs are customized to not only bulk up muscles but to stretch tense ones for better posture, tighten sagging guts and strengthen aching backs. He'll even craft a program utilizing a stick and weights to use at home or when you're on the road. Book early so he can fit you in. Between monoskiing and personalizing programs for Olympians, movie stars and the merely wealthy who solicit his services at $75 an hour, he's in demand. The fee includes massage and a computer printout of your new routine. 

Lois Friedland - Ski Magazine

Come visit or call us at 970-920-9595