Rush & Molloy

The Florida cold snap and snowless Aspen skies are confusing the beautiful people arriving at their respective holiday locations. Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine, in Miami shooting "Blood and Wine," actually split from Miami as nihttime temperatures sunk toward freezing. Steven Seagal was expecting to be heading toward Miami's China Grill last night, no doubt in a jacket and scarf like everybody else. 

Word is Madonna and designer Thierry Mugler will brave the frost to hold their respective New Year's parties at the singer's home and at the Century Hotel. In Aspen, "more people are having lunch than skiing," said John Verity, general manager of the Hard Rock Cafe there. "They're just enjoying the sunshine and good bottles of wine," said a staffer at Bonnie's, the mid-mountain restaurant that at least requires some skiing to get to. 

Bonnie's this week boasted Ed Bradley, Daisy Fuentes, Tommy Hilfiger and Ivana Trump - returning to the scene of her altercation with Marla Maples. Word is Jon Bon Jovi will fly in for a surprise appearance Saturday at the Double Diamond Club - a small venue where huge concert stars come to give intimate shows to the mountain crowd. Kevin Costner decided to take his kids bike riding, summer style, around the town's brick mall. Semi-local Johnny Depp has stayed inside the gym with personal trainer Jean-Robert Barbette, bulking up for his next role.

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