Before You Hit The Slopes...

Whether you're a lifetime alpine skier, or a newcomer on the sticks, ski conditioning (off-slope exercise designed to prepare the body for the rigors of skiing) should be a part of your regimen. 

Jean-Robert Barbette, professional fitness trainer for ten years and a lifelong skier, introduced the Nautilus skate machine to his gym this season for ski conditioning. "The skate machine is ideal for skiers," he says. "The lunge works one leg at a time and emphasizes weight transfer, both of which mimic skiing." Jean-Robert stresses the importance of breathing, controlled movement, and balance during exercise. 

Monitor Your Workout

Current thinking on heart-rate monitors suggests they are best used to prevent over-training by targeting your optimum heart-rate zone. Local trainer Jean-Robert Barbette explains: "It's like driving a car: You want to get where you're going as fast as you can, but you don't want a ticket. With a heart-rate monitor you measure your speed without over-training." Heart rate monitors can help tailor individual programs, from weight loss to increased endurance.

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