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Jean-Robert's Gym in Aspen


The best Aspen workout

In 1989, world renowned trainer Jean-Robert Barbette had a vision to create a state-of-the-art gym that inspired and fostered a desire for improved health and lifestyles. Beginning from a humble 400 square foot facility, Jean-Robert’s Gym has steadily grown to over 15,000 square feet offering the best in cutting edge equipment, personal training and becoming an integral part of supporting the active community of Aspen, Colorado. 

Jean-Robert’s mission is to provide members and guests a strong foundation to help them achieve their fitness goals. This beautiful facility offers everything you would desire in a conventional gym environment and more. Offering swimming, personal training, spin classes, strength training for skiing and numerous customized programs, you can easily find what you are looking for.

The Ultimate Exercise Equipment

From the state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers and the beautiful 360 degree mountain views, you will quickly find yourself achieving more than you ever thought possible. Careful attention has been given to ensure all members and guests find the equipment and surroundings comfortable. From a large array of free weights to the most technologically advanced machines, Jean-Robert has handpicked the over 200 plus different pieces of workout equipment in the gym. In addition, the lap pool offers great aerobic workout regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Our Goal is Your Goal

Our goal is to provide you everything you need to start, maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to training, teaching and supporting our members to become more than what they envision. In fact, after spending time at Jean-Robert’s Gym you’ll be able to better enjoy all that the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer. Your improved fitness will allow you to get after any outdoor adventures you have always wanted to experience. Your foundation of fitness starts here... Get fit and stay fit at Jean-Robert’s Gym!

Discover Your Inner Athlete

Jean-Robert’s whole health approach has allowed us to create a perfect atmosphere that is open, inviting and safe for all users. Body and strength builders, professional skiers, moms, and business professionals all find the open environment beneficial to achieving their particular goals. Regardless if your interests are biking, hiking or just sightseeing, having a strong fitness foundation will allow you to enjoy everything beautiful Aspen has to offer. If you’ve never done any of these things but have always wanted to, we will help you find your inner athlete. Each of us has the ability to achieve fantastic results when motivated and properly coached. Every machine, program, instructor, trainer and class here is designed to help you succeed.

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Member Amenities in Aspen


After a great workout there is nothing better than rewarding your body with a soak in our whirlpool. The therapeutic jets and bubbles will help you relax and alleviate the soreness in your muscles from lactic acid buildup. We have everything you need for your Aspen Spa treatment, without all the fuss. 

Steam Room

A perfect time to use our steam room is after a workout. During exercise the toxins in your muscles are released and the warm therapy helps your body feel rejuvenated and restored. Locals know there is nothing better than a workout followed by a steam and a hot tub.

Lap Pool

Our lap pool offers a great way to round out your workout with some low impact exercise. Whether you are an extreme skier recovering from an injury or an older warrior that is looking to work on keeping strong, swimming in the lap pool is often just what the doctor ordered.

Jean-Robert's Gym in Willits

30 years of Dreaming

3 years in the making

This 7,000 square foot gym has an open layout that is comfortable, welcoming and inspiring. A gym designed for athletes, everything has been customized from the equipment to the sound system to the ventilation system.

Highlights include:

Modern Design and Spacious Layout - We want you to be inspired so we custom built an environment that is conducive to getting the best workout possible!

Constantly filtered Fresh Air! Via our amazing air filtration that is not recycled air. In fact, it is even better for your lungs than exercising outside as the advanced fresh air filtration removes allergens and dust!

Men's and women's locker rooms, that are elegantly designed, comfortable and spacious.

ADA compliant throughout with large elevator and 2 stories designed specifically for the Jean-Robert's Gym in Willits.  

Amazing sound system - to motivate you while you workout! (Does not overpower your own music if you wear earbuds.)

Willits Membership Options

In the heart of Willits Town Center

Jean-Robert's Gym in Willits
160 Robinson St, Basalt, CO

The Best Workout Equipment!

Outfitted with the latest high tech fitness equipment from these top brands:

  • Cybex - great for small muscle groups and core.
  • Freemotion - the best treadmill in the world - low impact.
  • Hoist - easier on joints as it mimics natural motions. "Rock it line" - your body moves with it.
  • Atlantis - patented and hard to get from Canada.
  • Technogym - great stretching equipment!

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