World Class Personal Training

Personal trainers at Jean-Robert's Gym are dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals. They are active in each of your work out sessions, providing motivation, support and unparalleled professional instruction. Our personal trainers are held to the highest standards and are kept at the cutting edge with ongoing training. The best part is that you can access the knowledge and experience of your world-class trainer at any time. We can even provide you with a dedicated personal trainer to accompany you on your next extended vacation or business trip. Your personal trainer will provide you with daily exercise, nutritional and lifestyle guidance according to your schedule. He or she will also utilize local surroundings to provide a variety of cardiovascular and muscle building workouts.

Our Top Personal Trainers:

Jean-Robert Barbette

"One of America's All-Star trainers" - Vogue

In 1990 Jean-Robert founded Jean Robert's Gym in Aspen, Colorado as a way to provide athletes of every level the most professional, comfortable and effective ways to increase endurance, strength and cardiovascular performance. With over 20 years and 50,000 hours of training experience, professional athletes and celebrities alike have trusted Jean-Robert to help them reach their pinnacle health.

Bernadette Lofton

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Bernadette is a certified personal trainer and has been working at Jean Robert's Gym for over ten years. Bernadette specializes in weight training, nutrition and cardio. She is a champion of the importance of training workouts to build an essentialfoundation of fitness for optimal performance, injury prevention and overall health. With clients of all ages and physical abilities, Bernadette is known for her innovative workouts that match the person she is training.

Romina Harding

Certified Trainer, ISSA

An accomplished pro snowboarder, Romina moved to Aspen for her love of the mountains. She has been involved in fitness from an early age, teaching aerobics and helping out in the weight room at the gym in her hometown in Argentina. Now, an ISSA certified personal trainer and AASI snowboard Pro, she enjoys the Aspen Lifestyle: spending time outdoors, snowboarding, competing and training, herself and clients, helping them reach their fitness goals. Romina won the 2008 National Snowboard championships for Halfpipe and Slopestyle and is on her way to become a specialist in performance nutrition.

Rachel Lupow

Certified Pilates Instructor

Rachel has been studying and practicing Pilates since 2002. She is certified through Lotus Pilates, an extensive and comprehensive training of over 600 hours. Her instruction is a creative flow, focusing on deep core discovery while centering the exercises around the breath. Rachel's mission is to share her knowledge and passion of Pilates in an environment where her clients will truly benefit.  Her understanding of Pilates and how it compliments the "Aspen Life Style" will enhance your personal training experience  Her method in sport specific Pilates techniques will heighten the level of any recreational or professional sport. Learn more about her one-on-one Pilates here.

Britny Ferguson

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Britny moved to Aspen, CO in 2005 and started working at Jean-Robert’s Gym in 2011, as a front desk employee. With almost 3 years of training with Jean-Robert, she realized the passion for fitness she had and got certified as a Personal Trainer. Britny specializes in form, posture, strength and conditioning, aerobics and interval training. Taking on the challenge to train any body, of any age, to reach their physical fitness peak, rehabilitate, or to reach a personal goal. Britny has a natural love for the outdoors. She takes on the season with hikes, bikes, trail runs, snowboards, snowshoes, etc...

Aleksandra Fridman

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Alex has a bachelor degree with honors in physical education, sports physiology and sports medicine. She is experienced as a personal trainer specializing in weight training and nutrition. Back in Serbia, Alex played handball for more than 10 years and worked as a kids coach for two years. She moved to Aspen in November 2014 because of her love for skiing, hiking & mountain biking. She started personal training at Jean-Robert's gym in March 2015.

Georgie Ovett

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Georgie was a professional Track and Field athlete in her teens, which led to her passion of fitness. She graduated top of her class with a Master Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness and is also a certified Trainer through ISSA. Her industry experience includes working in Gymnasiums, Private Fitness Consulting and Corporate Health Management. Recently she has worked extensively with Australian War Veterans in a year long wellness program. These are just a few of the many experiences that led her to launch her successful Personal Training Boot Camp business in Australia. Georgie’s speciality skills, dedication to her clients, attention to detail and business ability in our industry is rare.

Amanda Adams

Certified Trainer, ISSA

Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University in 2013. Her love of the outdoors brought her to Aspen there she joined the Jean-Robert Team as a front desk employee while earning her certification as a Personal Trainer. Amanda's passion radiates through her dedication of helping others reach their optimal level of health so that they may live to their fullest potential.

Fitness Testing

The key to working out smarter...

Knowing your fitness is a decided advantage over just straight "working out". With the knowledge of your VO2 max, Anaerobic Threshold, and Body Fat Analysis, our personal trainers can customize and optimize your workout plan.

  • VO2 max, the amount of oxygen the body uses during exercise
  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT), the point at which your muscles start to produce lactic acid, and burn more sugar than fat.
  • Body fat analysis, including Muscle mass and Water content testing provides the information for a true analysis of your body composition and a good gauge for going forward.

If you are interested in getting fitness testing, please contact us.

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