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Massage Menu

Customized Massage

Our therapists listen to your needs and customize your experience with a variety of techniques to address areas of concern. Our certified staff uses a suitable level of pressure depending on your preference. The benefits include helping with altitude adjustment, easing discomfort, tension, workout soreness, and alleviating chronic pain.

Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic massage involves a multidisciplinary approach to restore structural balance in your body and rehabilitate musculoskeletal dysfunctions, chronic pain, and sports injuries. Conditions this technique can help include knee injuries, frozen shoulder, frozen hip, and lack of range of motion in joints. Athletic shorts or swimsuit should be worn for this treatment, as it is an active massage with movement, stretching and strengthening exercises, and self-care follow up.

Thai Massage

Also known as Oriental Sports Massage, or “Yoga for Lazy People,” it combines 200-300 stretches, compression, joint mobilization, and pressure points.  It is very relaxing and beneficial for those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from over-exertion in work or sports.  It enhances your strength and flexibility, relaxes sore or tense muscles, and can help to recapture lost range of motion.  By encouraging lymphatic function, it can also detoxify your body, heighten the immune system, and prevent disease and / or injury promoting flexibility.  You will continue to unwind from this therapy days after a session, often feeling a greater range of motion in the body. You will feel more balanced and centered, and some even experience heightened performance in sports.  This work is performed fully clothed on a futon on the floor.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.  A two-hour session is recommended.

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The Benefits of Getting a Massage

Following a day on the slopes, trails, or the mall, what greater means to end the day with a massage in Aspen? Sore feet, fatigued muscles together with stiff joints could all use a respite with a soothing bodywork treatment. Whatever the treatment of choice, whether it be a relaxation massage, apres ski, restorative, orthopedic, or even a reflexology treatment, a full body massage will leave the body recharged and revitalized.

Our massage therapists provide the best pampering luxury following a day of vigorous physical effort and provide the best way to relax and wind down. A few advantages of massage treatments are:

It Promotes Restful and Deep Sleep

Massage treatments helps lower fatigue and helps enhance sleep quantity and quality. Muscles will feel more relaxed and sleeping in a warm Aspen bed will definitely feel more comfortable following a massage.

Eases Depression

Massages just work away stress as well as release endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers. Having routine massages heightens your mood as well as helps alleviate depression, suppressing stress and anxiety and leading to a sense of bliss and peace.

Increases Health and Wellness Advantages

Having a massage, particularly following a day of skiing, hiking or shopping, promotes countless health benefits. Massage promotes circulation, concentration, post surgery recuperation, extends and unwinds weak and weary muscles, can aid joint flexibility, soothe lower back discomfort as well as help treat general aches and pains.

It Just Feels Great

Having a massage simply feels great. Not only is it a luxurious gift for the body, it is also good for your appearance and state of mind. Massages help with muscle restoration, the condition of the skin and your brain chemistry. After an exciting day in Aspen, a massage just might be the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Best Massage in Aspen

We take pride in providing a first class experience and always make sure to listen to your needs and preferences. It is important that you feel comfortable so you can fully enjoy the therapeutic value of our work. As we have our own massage school on the premises, (the Aspen Massage Institute) we have the most qualified therapists in the Roaring Fork Valley. Another benefit of this is we have pricing that can meet anyone's budget. We have created a community of learning where our staff is continually inspired which ultimately benefits you! We invite you to experience the difference!

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